Singapore improves park hopping experience with interactive mapping tool


Singapore improves park hopping experience with interactive mapping tool

The National Parks Board promotes its parks and activities as part of efforts to enhance Singapore as a City in a Garden.

NParks manages over 300 parks and four nature reserves. Adding to this are the extensive streetscape, or roadside greenery, and an island-wide Park Connector Network (PCN) currently being developed to link major parks, nature areas and residential estates.

The PCN has made it possible for people to have an unforgettable park experience - whether on foot, roller blades or a bicycle. By bringing neighbourhoods closer to green spaces, more people can take advantage of various recreational opportunities and bask in the sensory delights of Singapore’s local flora and fauna.

With so much potential for the community, an interactive map would be useful in helping NParks promote the locations of various park connectors to both avid park hoppers and nearby residents.

To achieve this, NParks partnered Esri Singapore to develop the PCN Map, an online mapping platform that enables users to locate a park connector and the various facilities and recreational activities around a selected area.

The online map, which leverages Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server technologies, also features several value-added functions which allows users to obtain travel recommendations, make customised routes, calculate distances from point A to point B, and view recommended itineraries to make sure people can make the most out of their park hopping journey.

Furthermore, NParks also utilised several icons to represent key points of interests found in the parks. These icons are grouped neatly under the ‘Show Nearby’ function within the ‘Park Connector Locator’ and can be viewed below the PCN Map.

With the new PCN Map, residents all across Singapore now have a clearer picture of where they can embark on their next adventure and at the same time, incorporate green living in the community. 

Singapore improves park hopping experience with interactive mapping tool