Bank Muamalat transforms service delivery with location analytics


Bank Muamalat transforms service delivery with location analytics

Bank Muamalat is the first and biggest Islamic bank in Indonesia. With a huge network of 1,998 ATMs and 500 branches, Bank Muamalat needed to find a solution that will allow them to optimise the performance of their asset network and increase their overall service quality.

Using Esri Indonesia’s advanced location-based analytics solution called ArcGIS, the Bank was able to address inefficiencies created from information gaps and siloed intelligence by integrating business data from multiple departments onto a dynamic smart map.

Information is then delivered to the bank’s decision-makers through an interactive executive dashboard – presenting a literal picture of Bank Muamalat’s whole operation in real-time.

The ArcGIS platform also equips Bank Muamalat’s decision-makers with predictive analytical capabilities, aligning its operations with some of the most sophisticated financial institutions in the world.

ATM Monitoring Dashboard monitors the bank’s ATM network.

Bank Muamalat is now able to assess potential new markets, strategically distribute its network of ATMs and branches, better understand existing customers’ needs and transactional behaviours, and identify and create a clear advantage over its competitors.

The smart mapping platform highlights opportunities for the bank without interrupting established workflows. This means a more in-depth understanding of the demographic and economic forces at work in targeted customer segments.

WebMap to analyse the asset network of Bank Muamalat and its potential market.

Bank Muamalat transforms service delivery with location analytics