Coffee beans and business strategy


Coffee beans and business strategy

More than 70 million customers stop at Starbucks coffee shops around the world every week – and GIS technology is integral to helping the company determine how to best serve these customers, by placing their stores in the right locations.

Starbucks started bold – like many of its coffee offerings – with GIS.

It used the technology to tackle one of its business’ most critical challenges – how can the company continue to grow responsibly while supporting the 20,000 stores that are already open worldwide?

To identify new store locations, more than 700 Starbucks employees across 15 countries use an ArcGIS technology-based market planning and business intelligence solution called Atlas.

Atlas provides Starbucks personnel with workflows, analysis, and store performance information so they can make informed-decisions when identifying new business opportunities.

Learn more about how Starbucks is using Atlas to deliver world-class service by watching the video below.



Coffee beans and business strategy