Lululemon maps business opportunities with GIS


Lululemon maps business opportunities with GIS

Lululemon is a high-end, international athletic apparel company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The company was founded in 1998 with an aim to fill the gap in the clothing market for active women participating in sports.

As the company continued to grow and open new storefronts, it was important for the business to better understand its customer base. To do this, Lululemon’s integrated planning department turned to Esri Business Analyst Online to provide the data it needed for its operations in North America.

By using postal codes provided by customers, Lululemon was able to map where customers were coming from and understand their demographic makeup. This gave Lululemon a sense of the people who were frequenting its stores, and they weren’t exactly who company executives had expected.

The data showed that Lululemon’s customer base now included large numbers of suburban mums and dads – not just the young and affluent inner-city women and men the company initially marketed towards.

Understanding who its customers really were, and where they were located, pushed Lululemon to seek retail locations it traditionally may not have – driving expansion across the continent.

Learn more on how the company is successfully using Esri Business Analyst Online by watching the vide below.


Lululemon maps business opportunities with GIS