PETRONAS boosts operational productivity with GIS technology


PETRONAS boosts operational productivity with GIS technology

State-owned oil and gas company PETRONAS has been using the ArcGIS platform since 2006 to help decision-makers strategically plan the company’s domestic and international operations.

As a national oil company, PETRONAS has been working with one of the leading geospatial software provider, Esri Malaysia to implement Petro-GIS – an enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) technology solution.

Petro-GIS provides field workers, site surveyors, geoscientists and engineers access to real-time information and enables staff to improve their workflows and enhance exploration and production activities. The system integrates geospatial data from across the entire organisation and displays this information on a dynamic map-based operational dashboard. By doing so, decision-makers gain an improved operational awareness by effectively managing all activities.

Prior to the implementation of Petro-GIS, our data updates and integration were time consuming. When staff required a map-based view of information, we often had to rely on other applications which were not user-friendly and made it difficult for us to collate various datasets.

Since deploying Petro-GIS, most companies have improved day-to-day business operations, most notably, the company has achieved:

  • Greater cost-efficiency: Petro-GIS displays data within a geographic context, allowing users to identify leads, opportunities and new prospects. It also enables users to weigh and analyse information at-hand and develop improved investment scenarios. It supports decision-making by combining operational data with consistent, approved, systematic and rigorous evaluation procedures.
  • Improved monitoring of assets: Managers can use interactive dashboards to better monitor and manage work orders, schedules and field operations. In the same way, field staff can use mobile devices to access and update data, view maps and share a common operating picture (COP).
  • A connected workforce: Staff all over the world can use Petro-GIS any time, anywhere and on any device, to access real-time information. Furthermore, the system also enables staff to conduct ‘Play-Based Exploration’ studies to make important business decisions with confidence and efficiency.

Discovering new sources of petroleum is a key factor in maintaining success in a highly-competitive industry.

With GIS technology now in the hands of decision-makers and staff, users are able to use the technology across all areas of the organisation to deliver significant operational productivity and cost efficiency gains.


PETRONAS boosts operational productivity with GIS technology