ESUC 2018 abstracts

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Nurturing a biophilic city amongst Singapore's gardens
Kenneth Er, National Parks Board (NParks)

NParks’ Maven is part of its vision to develop a biophilic city in a garden using GIS to consolidate all operational greenery data, research data, public feedback cases and bio-diversity data onto a single common platform.

In this keynote presentation, Chief Executive Officer, Kenneth Er, will explain the use of technology to enhance greenery management and nature conservation, and reveal how NParks is working to make all its officers GIS Mavens — experts in their field. By harnessing technology and using a scientific approach, Maven transforms the way staff work, plan, and engage the community and other stakeholders.

GIS analytics transforming the banking sector
International guest speaker: Aznovri Kurniawan, Bank Muamalat Indonesia, Tbk.

Bank Muamalat Indonesia (BMI), the first and one of the largest Islamic banks in Indonesia, implemented ArcGIS in January 2017 to provide a more effective way of optimising its network of hundreds of ATMs and branches.

In April 2018, BMI and Esri Indonesia enhanced the system through the Muamalat GIS project (M-GIS) to develop a platform to enable BMI’s plan for business growth in Islamic banking. The first phase of M-GIS  enabled BMI branches and sales force to map the market potential of Islamic banking for each branch, and to quantify the size of the potential market.

The second phase will map market potential, network and customer distribution, and provide a more comprehensive dashboard and analysis of current BMI capabilities and market potential, allowing BMI to gain greater insights into the potential Islamic banking target market.

In future, BMI aims to use M-GIS to assist in decision-making through predictive analysis, to assess historical performance and highlight new market opportunities, ultimately creating new strategies to help BMI achieve its vision: to be the best Islamic bank in Indonesia.

ArcGIS: The road ahead
Abhijit Sarkar and Xara Villavicencio, Esri Singapore

ArcGIS provides the common digital and data platform to operate reliable, resilient and secure systems, that raise the nation’s digital capabilities to pursue innovation. In this keynote note Abhijit Sarkar and Xara Villavicencio will showcase the latest in ArcGIS and provide a sneak peek to 'what's next!'

Digital twinning with ArcGIS Urban
Brooks Patrick, Esri

Around the world, organisations use GIS to visualise the built environment, make smarter plans, engage stakeholders and foster vibrant communities. Government leaders, partners and citizens increasingly expect engaging online maps of their community to convey planning information in an easy-to-understand way. Our special guest, Brooks Patrick, a renowned 3D expert at Esri, will provide a sneak peek of ArcGIS Urban - a brand new initiative set to transform the way we orchestrate city development through web-based and desktop tools to make planning more creative, collaborative and productive.

An exciting new era for infrastructure design
International guest speaker: Blair Cheyne, Cardno

When it comes to developing and improving infrastructure for communities around the world, technologies – such as GIS, CAD and BIM – are essential. In recent years there has been a growing trend towards enabling greater synergy between these technology platforms, to ensure optimal infrastructure design.

In particular, the closer integration of GIS and BIM technologies – as announced recently by Esri and Autodesk – is seeing optimised designs, accelerated project approvals, reduced costs, smarter cities and more resilient infrastructure.

This presentation will showcase how Cardno – a leading Australian infrastructure and environmental services company – is working to closely integrate these technologies on numerous large-scale infrastructure projects to break down the “spatial wall of mystery”. 

Ministry of Education: A showcase of innovation and learning

MOE-EduGIS is part of a larger effort to develop spatial thinking among geography students in Singapore. The US National Research Council describes spatial thinking as the ability to use concepts of space, tools of representation, and processes of reasoning to analyse problems and issues, generate and communicate solutions. This presentation outlines how desktop, cloud-based and mobile geospatial technologies are used to grow a community of passionate GIS teacher-users who are comfortable with data-informed, model-based reasoning. The presentation will also touch on plans to promote community mapping during student fieldwork, with the aim of creating local maps of urban neighbourhoods in Singapore

Big Data Carto: Workflows for visualising large data streams
Long Hui Yee and Tang Szu Nyiap, Esri Singapore

ArcGIS provides an analytics framework to summarise, visualise and analyse patterns using large volumes of data. Join Long Hui Yee and Tang Szu Nyiap for a deep dive look at the tools that transform big data feeds and create beautiful and informative maps - from Geoanalytics Server, ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS Online smart mapping options.

Locating innovation: Amenity provision in Jurong Industrial Estate
Shermaine Wong, JTC

This project aims to study the sufficiency of amenity provision (in particular, food establishments) inside Jurong Industrial Estate and attempts to gain a better understanding of the movement of workers during lunch hour. A combination of datasets such as telco, ez-link, existing food establishments, public transport, walking path/cycling/driving networks and analytics tools such as ArcGIS network analyst and R are used in the study. Results of the study will help JTC make better decisions such as identifying suitable locations for positing new amenity centres, such as assessing JTC’s lessees’ proposal for staff canteens.

WebGIS: Let’s get started
Chester Heng and Hwang Zi Qin, Esri Singapore

The future of geospatial technology is built upon WebGIS but don’t think it's just about putting data on a map. In this session join Chester Heng and Hwang Zi Qin as they share a practical best practice approach to ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online covering technology to design guidelines for building usable web applications.

Engaging audiences with Story Maps
Katleya Rae De Cruz and Marcus Chui, Esri Singapore

Engage and inspire your audience. Leverage the power of maps and geography to tell your story. Join Katleya Rae De Cruz and Marcus Chui as they show you how to get started with Story Map templates and inspire you with examples from across the globe. 

Esri solution templates: Jump start your GIS
Felicia Lin and Yuzana Win, Esri Singapore

ArcGIS Solutions helps GIS professionals empower their stakeholders with spatial information. They deliver forward-looking best practices and ready-to-use apps that can make a real difference in the adoption and use of GIS throughout the enterprise. Join Felicia Lin and Yuzana Win as they take you on a tour of Esri Solution templates - tailored for specific industries that you can quickly configure to fit the needs of your organisation.

Changing the financial ecosystem: how GIS is impacting bKash operations in Bangladesh
Md Azizul Alam, bKash

Implementing GIS technology in the fin-tech sector helps organisations to expand business geographically, organise and analyse their sales position for different decision-making, and build control over the market by tracking and defining their route. In this presentation, Md Azizul Alam will share how GIS has transformed business operations at bKash. He will share specific examples of how GIS is helping bKash identify business hot spots and classify sales agents by building their influential area, service area and network matrix.

CAD & GIS: A picture of perfection
Ellaine Pama and Plintolincon Jena, Esri Singapore

CAD and GIS, as data formats, both play important roles in the geospatial and engineering industry. Improved data flows will drive smarter decisions and create the next evolution of how we do the ‘smart’ in smart city thinking. Join Ellaine Pama and Plintolincon Jena as they guide you through the best practice guide to integrating CAD and GIS data.

Conducting your workforce with Esri’s symphony of apps
Yin Yue and Meenu Saharan, Esri Singapore

Moving GIS information and tasks to the field can improve processes, streamline field operations, optimise resources, reduce paperwork, and reduce waste. Join Yin Yue and Meenu Saharan as they share their top tips for empowering your staff with the right data collection application they need to make the right decision, every time.

An integrated approach to infrastructure design using GIS and BIM technologies
Blair Cheyne, Cardno

Join Blair Cheyne, Global Technical Services Manager at Cardno, as he demonstrates how data on land and aerial survey, field data, and off-the-shelf data can be effectively integrated, managed, analysed and visualised to help stakeholders better understand the large-scale land development projects being proposed.

Blair will also discuss the value infrastructure design professionals can obtain from utilising new tools and expert support for project solutions in areas including strategic planning, evaluation and implementation.

Finally, he will demonstrate the benefits of integrating asset data in a federated BIM environment, the importance of data management, and the process around establishing a single source of truth for all project data.

GeoDeveloper masterclass
Karen Garcia and Smitha Nivesh, Esri Singapore

ArcGIS provides many developer tools for you to customise web, mobile, and desktop GIS applications. Join Karen Garcia and Smitha Nivesh as they show the options available to create and manage apps including mapping, visualisation and analysis, available to everyone - regardless of your developer experience.

Intelligent mobility solutions: A user case study
Sandee Yap, iZeeM

iZeeM founder and CEO, Sandee Yap, explains advanced telematics, the role it plays in fleet management, and how big data analytics delivers actionable insights from raw, vehicle-sensor data.

Find out how iZeeM’s integration with Esri allows commercial fleet optimisation and enables smart city initiatives.

GPU accelerated performance for today’s virtual ArcGIS workspaces
Orange Zhan, NVIDIA

NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) is the industry’s most advanced technology for sharing the power of  NVIDIA GPUs across virtual machines (VMs) and virtualised ArcGIS applications. Amp up the power of your ArcGIS environment and deliver a superior experience to every remote user, for every application and on any device. NVIDIA virtual GPU is designed to deliver the highest levels of performance, flexibility, manageability, and security – offering the right user experience for every virtualised ArcGIS workflow.

Insights for ArcGIS-driven decisions
Vergil Yu and Benny Yang, Esri Singapore

ArcGIS provides the platform to share secure sensitive information derived from your analysis. Join Vergil Yu and Benny Yang as they showcase Insights for ArcGIS, which allows self-service spatial analytics to anyone in your organisation and provides intuitive and agile intelligence from integrated sources of data for everyone.

Exploring Virtual NUS
Raymond Huang & Ong Suchern, National University of Singapore

Virtual NUS is a university-level strategic initiative to spearhead the exploration, translation and integration of technology to help improve the daily life of the NUS community. Led by Professor Andrew Lim Leong Chye (Head of Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Management), the team has implemented multiple applications including; the Virtual NUS digital twin model, the largest contiguous labelled point cloud for machine learning, all-in-one NUS Suite mobile application, door-to-door multi-modal routing, indoor positioning, augmented reality and a vehicle routing platform. Virtual NUS also acts as a platform that welcomes industry-partners to pilot various technology on the campus as a living laboratory. In last year’s Esri Singapore User Conference, we presented some possibilities that we have set out to explore, this year, we will present some of the results that we have achieved and our directions forward.

ArcGIS Pro: Future mapping now
Lee Kum Cheong and Kim Yen, Esri Singapore

ArcGIS Pro - the foundation tool for desktop users, giving you a greater ability to manage, create and share data across the organisation. Join Lee Kum Cheong and Kim Yen as they explore the latest features from ArcGIS Pro 2.1.

A smart city view in 3D
Thibault Poncet and Shawn Ng, Esri Singapore

3D GIS provides a clear and holistic vision for any smart city. Join our 3D experts, Thibault Poncet and Shawn Ng as they share their insights into the breadth of ArcGIS 3D tools that allow authoritative information to be shared across organisations.

Next generation GIS: What’s new in ArcGIS
Sharon Gin and How Weixian, Esri Singapore

Take a deep dive into the technology behind the latest in ArcGIS. Join Sharon Gin and How Weixian to learn how you can take advantage of the new capabilities available across the ArcGIS platform.

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