GIS for government

Mapping and charting solutions

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology enables mapping and charting experts to produce professional, accurate standardised maps from their libraries of data.

GIS technology provides a unified approach for collecting, managing, producing, and sharing geographic information – enabling organisations to:

  • Produce geospatial and cartographic products while adhering to industry requirements
  • Streamline data creation and maintenance
  • Reduce map production costs
  • Produce high-quality cartographic products
  • Track the status and progress of jobs through their complete life cycles

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ArcGIS inspires European SDI

Esri supports the INSPIRE initiative in Europe by providing software and services for the access, discovery, management, and sharing of geospatial data throughout the continent.

Singapore models entire country in 3D with smart map

Singapore models entire country in 3D with smart map

Singapore Land Authority has mapped the entire country in 3D, using GIS at the forefront of their Smart Nation initiative.