Creating Story Maps with ArcGIS

Harness the power of maps to tell your stories

SGD$480.00 / person
Level: Beginner

The ArcGIS platform allows you to create incredible maps that tell your stories in just minutes. Story maps combine web maps with text, photos, and other media to provide a rich, interactive experience.

Course Details

Duration – 1 day (9:00am-5:00pm)

City / Dates

@ Singapore

  • 6 December 2018
  • 9 January 2019

What is the course about?

This course – for anyone that wants to communicate with maps – teaches the concepts, best practices, and decisions that need to be made when creating and sharing a story map. Thanks to their engaging user experience, story maps have achieved mass appeal as a vehicle to inform the public, engage stakeholders, and inspire an audience.

Am I ready for this course?

Designed for Higher Education Educators, Higher Education Students, GIS Users, GIS Analysts, GIS Technical Leads, Map Designers who want to author story maps to inform and educate citizens, highlight project successes and issues, or share the results of their GIS work.

What skills will I learn?

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Choose an appropriate story map app for your purpose and audience
  • Add web maps, images, multimedia, and text to create an engaging story map
  • Apply best practices to share and promote your story maps

Are there any prerequisites?

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What can I expect?

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Creating Story Maps with ArcGIS

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