ArcGIS for Server: Site Configuration and Administration

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What is this course about?

This course will teach you how to successfully install, configure and manage ArcGIS for Server, to enable GIS content sharing across the enterprise or on the web.

You will learn the ArcGIS for Server architecture and apply recommended workflows to configure ArcGIS Server sites and manage GIS services, applications, data, and users, with an emphasis on techniques and best practices to ensure system performance and security.

This course is for: IT administrators, system administrators, GIS web administrators, and other professionals who are responsible for installing, managing, or supporting ArcGIS for Server.

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3 days




Server and Web Course

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Safety measures for training courses

While courses in our training facility have resumed, we want to assure you that the wellbeing of our trainees and staff remains Esri Singapore’s highest priority.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, strict safety measures and guidelines as recommended by the Ministry of Health are being adhered to for all training conducted.

All computer equipment and desks are disinfected before class commences and during the lunch break, while seats are placed and marked at least 1-metre apart, in accordance with official Safe Distance Measures.

Masks are mandatory throughout training, and alcohol hand sanitisers and anti-bacterial wet wipes will be available.

Your temperature will be taken before commencement. For your safety, you will be asked to return home and see a doc if your temperature exceeds 37.5deg.

An isolation room has been prepared for trainees to rest in if they are feeling unwell and awaiting transportation.

Are there any prerequisites?

Completion of ArcGIS 4: Sharing Content on the Web or equivalent knowledge is required.

What skills will I learn?

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Successfully install ArcGIS for Server and create an ArcGIS Server site
  • Configure the Web Adaptor component to integrate your ArcGIS server with a web server
  • Publish services that have the capabilities required for your applications
  • Plan, create, and update a cache for high-performing map and image services
  • Tune and monitor services to ensure high performance
  • Implement security for your site and services that meets the needs of your organisation

What can I expect?

  • Course topics

    Installing ArcGIS for Server

    • Sharing GIS
    • GIS in end user applications
    • Types of GIS services
    • Accessing GIS services
    • ArcGIS Server licensing
    • Workflow for administering ArcGIS Server
    • ArcGIS Server installation
    • System requirements

    Creating an ArcGIS Server site

    • ArcGIS Server site architecture
    • Administrative applications 

    Controlling access to your ArcGIS Server site

    • ArcGIS Server role types
    • Granting privileges
    • Defining roles
    • ArcGIS Server built-in user and role store
    • External user and role store
    • External user store with built-in role store
    • Disable primary site administrator account 

    Configuring the Web Adaptor

    • Service capabilities
    • Choose the appropriate capability

    Managing service resources

    • What is a resource?
    • Copy resources or register them?
    • Copying resources to the ArcGIS Server site
    • Copying data to a managed geodatabase
    • Registering resources with ArcGIS Server
    • Step 1: Make resources accessible
    • Step 2: Grant the ArcGIS Server account access
    • Step 3: Register a location in the data store
    • Step 3: Register a location with a separate server path in the data store
    • Choose a data registration method
    • Synchronising publisher and server data
    • Updating services

    Configuring service capabilities

    • Service capabilities
    • Choose the appropriate capability

    Tuning services

    • Altering service properties
    • Tuning services
    • Viewing ArcGIS Server logs

    Creating and updating caches for map and image services

    • What is a cache?
    • Building a map cache
    • Allocating resources to caching
    • Tools for managing caches
    • Workflow for updating caches

    Securing services

    • Authentication and authorisation
    • ArcGIS Server authentication
    • Tokens
    • Web server authentication
    • Choose an authentication method
    • End user roles
    • Defining end user roles

    Building a multinode site

    • Scaling ArcGIS Server
    • High availability
    • Add a machine to the site
    • ArcGIS Server licensing
    • Clusters

    Backups and restores

    • Backup and recovery

    Securing your ArcGIS Server site

    • Securing server files
    • Firewalls
    • SSL encryption
    • How will you secure your site?
    • Backup and recovery

    ArcGIS for Server platforms

    • Platform options
    • On-premises platform
    • Cloud deployments
    • Choose a platform

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