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Mapping the 28th SEA Games

Behind the scenes of the region’s biggest sporting event.

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Start mapping like a pro

Discover how ArcGIS Pro will transform your Desktop GIS experience

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28th SEA Games - Official Smart Map Partner

Real-time event management

Learn about the mission-critical role of GIS for one of Singapore’s biggest events.

Breathing new life into Singapore’s history

Learn how the National Library Board, the National Archives, and the Urban Redevelopment Authority used GIS to immortalise Singapore’s rarest maps.

Locating crime hot spots

Locating crime hot spots

New smart mapping technology to prevent and combat Singapore’s local and transnational crimes.

Plan your next adventure

Whether on foot or a bicycle – use NParks’ PCN map for an unforgettable park hopping experience.

Singapore’s water journey

Advanced research and technology has enabled Singapore to overcome water shortages, despite its limited local resources.