SLA’s 3D maps chart the future of Singapore


SLA’s 3D maps chart the future of Singapore

Singapore has embarked on a journey to become a Smart Nation to develop better living standards, stronger communities and greater opportunities for all. The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) led a whole-of-government initiative to create and maintain an authoritative 3D map which involved capturing of 3D data using imaging and laser scanning technologies.

SLA has used Esri’s advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to process, manipulate, analyse and visualise 3D maps and 3D models of the entire nation-state.

While traditional 2D maps have always been the way to go, these methods were found to be inadequate to represent Singapore’s complex environment and overlapping land use. By using 3D GIS technology, SLA was able to bring its data to life, allowing public agencies to make smarter decisions about the future of Singapore.

Applications of 3D models include identifying the island’s solar energy potential and determining how proposed new buildings may affect the city’s skyline.

Other examples of how SLA’s 3D models may be used include: 

  1. Provide urban planners with greater insight into how new building developments can change or obstruct the visibility of certain landmarks, tourist attractions, or community facilities. 
    E.g. Helping organisers at the Arts and Science Museum determine the best spots for viewing the light show, thereby ensuring a unique and great experience for every visitor.
  2. Enable public agencies to seamlessly share data in real-time in areas such as routing, navigation and field operations. 
    E.g. Organising large-scale public events such as the 2016 Formula 1 race requires meticulous route planning and real-time data knowledge to ensure the smooth flow of the event.
  3. Undertake solar energy analysis to identify suitable areas for solar panel installation.
    E.g. Conducting a solar potential analysis so that the utilities industry can fully leverage Singapore’s solar power potential, which will provide consumers with a reliable source of renewable energy.

SLA’s 3D maps chart the future of Singapore