Improve analysis efficiencies with ENVI modules

Perform highly specialised tasks that require advanced image analysis, such as extracting features, correcting for atmospheric conditions, and orthorectifying images.

There are a range of ENVI modules available, including:



User-friendly tools enabling you to extract features from geospatial imagery based on the object’s spatial, spectral and texture characteristics, and identify them as objects like vehicles, buildings and roads.


A flexible solution that provides you with the accurate scientific detail you need, ENVI’s atmosphere correction module (ACM) removes atmospheric interference from your imagery.


The photogrammetry module delivers a method for rigorous orthorectification and generates synthetic 3D point clouds from spaceborne optical imaging platforms via multi-ray photogrammetric techniques.


Certified by the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC), this module allows the combination of images, graphics and metadata in a single file – creating an invaluable intelligence resource.

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