GIS for commercial

Banking solutions

Singapore’s banks and financial services institutions are turning to Geographic Information System (GIS) technology – also known as smart mapping technology – to visualise, analyse and drive value from their geographic data.

By mapping financial services data, GIS technology delivers new insights that enable decision-makers to understand their business and customers in a way previously not possible.

Armed with this new insight, decision-makers can answer critical business questions, such as:

  • Where are my customers located?
  • Where should I position my next ATM or branch?
  • How exposed is my loan portfolio to risk?

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ANZ bank GIS

GIS helps reduce ANZ’s cost-to-income ratio

Discover how ANZ bank leveraged GIS to reduce costs, increase income and expand service coverage by understanding customers’ needs.

Learn how Bank of America used data mapping to cut costs without losing customers – helping the banking giant reduce their operating expenditure by almost $1 billion, which led to a $1 spike in their share price.

Credit union enhances member engagement with GIS

Credit union enhances member engagement with GIS

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GIS a big deal for Big Data

GIS a big deal for Big Data

Cutting-edge data mapping technology is the lifeline that will save the financial services sector from drowning in the abyss that is Big Data, according to a leading financial specialist.