Growing retail sales with location-based analytics

With the pressures of a crowded marketplace increasing, Singapore retailers are turning to Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to make better decisions and improve their profits.

GIS technology offers a powerful advantage to retailers – one which extends beyond simply selecting the most suitable store location.

It enables retailers to map, analyse and visualise their sales figures, customer information and even loyalty program data – producing fresh new insights and revealing opportunities not apparent in charts and tables.

  • Compare the number of visitors walking past your store to the number entering
  • Find out how long visitors stay in your building, and in what zone
  • Understand peak periods and visitor movements to optimise the effectiveness of your space
  • Learn how your merchandising impacts your business
  • Generate statistics on visitor frequency
  • Maximise your return on investment

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Data-driven location choices drive latest Starbucks surge 

Discover how Starbucks leveraged GIS to strategically select the location of its 1,500 new stores. 

Nespresso ensures world class coffee production with GIS

Global coffee machine giant Nespresso is using a GIS-based Farm Advanced Relationship Management System (FARMS) to ensure farms and their entire coffee value chain are meeting global sustainability standards.

Lululemon turned to GIS technology to map where customers were coming from, and better understand their demographic makeup. The results helped the company position new stores in locations best suited to their shoppers.

GIS delivers new retail experience to shoppers’ smartphones

GIS delivers new retail experience to shoppers’ smartphones

Consumers walking past their favourite store can now receive personalised special offers, at a time – and place – that suits them.

Leveraging location-based analytics to maximise merchandise

In a bid to stay ahead of the competition, leading global retailers are turning to GIS technology to inform their merchandising decisions and better meet local market demand.

What’s happening in the retail sector

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