Target your customers and improve sales

Understanding your customers, where they are located and where they consume information and advertising is key to maximising return on investment for your marketing budget.

Esri Singapore’s location analytics can help you develop a plan that reduces uncertainty, drives profitability and improves performance.

By using Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, you are able to:

  • Understand who your customers are and how to attract more like them
  • Save money by marketing to the right people and using the right medium
  • Target your customers confidently and reduce uncertainty about advertising placements
  • Integrate e-marketing and social media strategies without impacting on the bottom line of brick and mortar outlets

Discover how GIS retail marketing solutions can provide valuable guidance for your strategic planning and boost overall effectiveness – contact Esri Singapore today on 6742 8622.

Discover how Walgreens – the largest drugstore chain in the United States – is using a strategic geo-centric approach to better understand their customers and best serve them where they work and play.

Mapping sales data makes marketing easy

Stay ahead of the curve, and your competitors, by understanding your customers and targeting them more effectively with the help of GIS technology.