Where you live, work and play has an enormous impact on your health.

With this in mind, Singapore’s healthcare organisations are turning to Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to get better insights into the health of patients and local communities.

GIS enables healthcare organisations and professionals to:

  • Identify and understand patients’ personal health risks based on the location of their workplace or home
  • Raise awareness about environmental and social hazards which might impact a community
  • Overlay disease and hazard data to test different hypotheses and analyse the correlation between potential causes and outcomes.

Modernise the way community health assessments are conducted by utilising spatial insight. To learn more about GIS for geomedicine – contact Esri Singapore today on 6742 8622.

Mitigating disease outbreaks with smart mapping technology

Mitigating disease outbreaks with smart mapping technology

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Envisioning a community of health, hope and purpose

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