Solutions for public health 

With infectious and deadly diseases such as swine flu on the rise, health authorities are turning to Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to effectively respond to these constantly evolving health challenges.

GIS technology maps medical data with socio-demographic, environmental, administrative, services and infrastructure information – providing public health officials with powerful geographic insight into a situation.

By using GIS technology public health organisations are able to:

  • Better understand human health and disease
  • Make more informed policy decisions
  • Evaluate health outcomes
  • Create effective workflows
  • Improve operational awareness and field data collection
  • Support disease surveillance and analysis

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Geo-enabling the Health Information System in Myanmar

Geo-enabling the Health Information System in Myanmar

The Department of Public Health and Sports (MOHS) has launched the National Health Plan 2017-2021 to strengthen Maynmar’s health system.

Smart maps track Zika outbreaks globally

The Pacific Disaster Centre (PDC) is using the Esri platform to track the outbreak of the Zika virus on a global scale. By sharing mapped intelligence with health services and aid responders, PDC is able to provide essential information that defines the characteristics of the virus and its carrier’s breeding grounds.

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With an increasing number of documented cases in 24 countries, learn more about the virus that has taken the world by storm and what you can do to protect yourself from it.

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