News now lets you simulate rainfall in 3D

By Clarice Africa06 Jan 2017

The latest update to the app – developed by GeoLogic – presents users with a more intuitive interface and a range of new and improved features for greater ease of use.

Developed by GeoLogic and downloadable from the Apple and Google Play app stores, is equipped with the following features:

  1. 3D weather simulation: In addition to displaying current weather information from the National Environment Agency, the app allows you to create compelling simulations of rainshowers on your map by using the weather widget.
  2. Choose your own basemap: Tired of the same old basemap that you see every day? Now, you can choose from a range of basemaps, and even personalise them by adding your favourite colour.
  3. Find out what's nearby: Need to withdraw cash and want to find the nearest ATM? Or maybe you’re feeling hungry and looking for the nearest hawker centre? Use the what’s nearby widget to see what amenities and services are around.
  4. Get directions from point A to B: Use the directions widget to get to your intended destination faster. You'll even receive updates on the three nearest car parks available to you.



Please note: is currently on beta version. Any feedback would be appreciated. has been developed using Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS – a product which combines open API integration with high performing vector mapping capabilities.

To find out how you can leverage this technology in your organisation, call 6742 8622 and ask to speak with an Esri Singapore technical specialist.

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