Specialised GIS applications

Make your drone work for you

Turn your drone into an enterprise GIS productivity tool with Drone2Map for ArcGIS.

Easily transform drone-captured imagery into professional imagery products for visualisation and analysis in ArcGIS. Create orthomosaics, 3D meshes and more – in minutes, not days.

To find out how to make the most out of your drone-captured imagery, contact an Esri Singapore specialist on 6742 8622.

Drone2Map for ArcGIS streamlines the creation of professional imagery products from drone-captured images, and can be used for:

Drone2Map land analysis

Land analysis

Capture images of natural and man-made land-based features and areas that may be difficult to access or fully cover because of size or terrain.

Drone2Map infrastructure inspection

Infrastructure inspection

Easily inspect critical infrastructure and fixed assets that span vast areas.

Drone2Map monitoring


Monitor scheduled events, environmental changes, the impact of natural disasters and more.

Imagery data management for drones

Search, discover, retrieve

Search, Discover, Retrieve

It is easy to store your projects in ArcGIS. Quickly discover and retrieve the imagery you need.

Detect change over time

Detect Change Over Time

ArcGIS includes a suite of tools that allows you to perform change detection over time.

Feature Extraction

Feature Extraction

By applying segmentation and classification alogrithm to your imagery, quickly identify and discover answers to your problems.


See Drone2Map for ArcGIS in action

Until recently, aerial photo data was expensive and hard to acquire. Now, by combining UAV and ArcGIS technology, you can turn your drone into a powerful productivity tool that quickly and affordably delivers you high-resolution imagery.

Transforming organisational productivity using drones

The first webinar in a two-part series on UAVs. Introduce yourself to the operational benefits of drone technology, and gain valuable information on the legalities of flying commercial drones.

Tips to take off with Drone2Map for ArcGIS and 3DR Site Scan

The second webinar in a two-part series on UAVs. Learn the key workflows that will put you on the path towards drone success – from flight plan set-up and imagery capture to analysis.

Drone2Map works across the ArcGIS platform

Drone2Map for ArcGIS provides high-quality 2D and 3D GIS imagery products that add value to your enterprise GIS.

ArcGIS for Desktop

Benefit from an end-to-end workflow for drone imagery collection that works alongside ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro.

ArcGIS Online

Easily share your collected drone imagery as a tile service or a web scene.

ArcGIS for Server

You can share your drone imagery as an image service, or behind your firewall with Portal for ArcGIS.