ArcGIS for Windows Mobile key features

ArcGIS for Windows Mobile comes with ready-to-deploy applications and a software development kit (SDK).

Ready-to-deploy applications

The configurable ArcGIS for Windows Mobile applications integrate with ArcGIS for Server (and ArcGIS for Desktop) to provide central management and deployment of mobile GIS data, maps, tasks, data collection and inspection projects.

The ArcGIS for Windows Mobile applications can be used to:

  • View and navigate mobile maps to direct field resources effectively and monitor the location of assets
  • Collect, edit and update GIS data in real-time and share information with colleagues immediately
  • Search and manage a list of features to perform tasks or plan future work
  • Rapidly deploy mobile GIS without needing to develop your own solution

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Windows Mobile

ArcGIS for Windows Mobile includes a software development kit that lets developers use simple tools to create lightweight GIS-focused applications customised to users' needs.

The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Windows Mobile can be used to:

  • Create and deploy focused mobile applications that can operate in a connected or disconnected environment
  • Build geocentric applications that provide GIS functionality including map display and navigation, GPS support and editing
  • Enhance line-of-business applications, such as customer relationship management and field service automation systems, with geospatial capabilities

Mobile Resource Centre

ArcGIS for Windows Mobile includes comprehensive developer support through the Mobile Resource Centre. It provides access to help, sample applications, documentation, forums, blogs and code galleries.