ArcGIS for Personal Use

ArcGIS for Personal Use makes world-leading Geographic Information System (GIS) technology available to everyone at a low cost – anywhere, any time, and on any supported device.

While anyone can take advantage of this program, it is ideal for existing ArcGIS users who want to use the same powerful ArcGIS software at home to expand their GIS skills, conduct non-work related research, or put their mapping expertise to good use doing volunteer work or supporting their favourite cause.

For a SGD$160 annual fee (ex GST), the ArcGIS for Personal Use 12-month term licence includes full versions of the following software:

ArcGIS for Personal Use

Users are entitled to one named user and 100 Service Credits, which can be used with Esri’s cloud-based technology platform – and will also gain access to a suite of ready-to-use apps, and a Living Atlas of the World, that features maps and data relating to thousands of topics.

Apply for an ArcGIS Personal Use licence now 

The ArcGIS for Personal Use program is available for non-commercial personal use only. For more information, please contact Esri Singapore on 6742 8622.

Obtain Esri technical certification

Use your ArcGIS for Personal Use licence for self development, update your skills at your own pace, then become Esri certified. Achieving an Esri technical certification will give you confidence, inspire trust, and help you stand out from the crowd.