Make better decisions instantly with real-time GIS

“When assets are geographically dispersed or mobile, merging space and time dimensions to visualise operational data has immense benefits for making real-time decisions.”
Martin Otterson, Senior Vice President at OSIsoft, Esri Partner

Real-time GIS rapidly analyses sensor data and other live feeds, then puts it on interactive maps to allow for instant decision-making.

The technology will improve the situational awareness of your organisation – internally and externally – and can assist with integral elements of operations, from the storage of perishable commodities, to water quality monitoring and safe energy transfer.

A range of industries are already benefitting from this immediate access to information. For example, law enforcement agencies and emergency services are turning to real-time GIS to shorten response times.

Retailers, meanwhile, are using the technology to improve their shipping and delivery to customers.

By using real-time GIS, businesses can track dynamic assets that are constantly changing location – such as vehicles, aircrafts or vessels – or stationary assets like weather and environmental monitoring stations.

The technology also helps to make sense of Big Data – to put the power of information in your hands.

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