Who uses real-time GIS?

Real-time GIS is used by many organisations to extend the capabilities of their ArcGIS investment, including:


Dong Energy

Dong Energy – a leading renewable energy group which will be operating more than 1,800 offshore wind turbines by 2020.


DHL Express

DHL Express – one of the world's largest shippers, handling more than 30 million items with a fleet of about 1,500 vehicles.


Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam – one of the busiest ports in the world, welcoming more than 130,000 vessels and processing 440 million tonnes of cargo.



OSIsoft – a global leader in operational intelligence, which enable businesses to leverage sensor-based data across their enterprises.


AccuWeather – the leading global weather info provider, which uses tens of thousands of new data elements per hour to predict weather patterns.


Valarm – a start-up which creates apps and sensor-enabled devices that do everything, from optimising truck routes to tracking humidity in vineyards.


Real-time GIS

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