A view to ENVI…

As the world’s most advanced and user-friendly imagery solution, Exelis VIS – and its flagship platform ENVI – delivers a data visualisation and analysis capability unattainable through any other technology.

With ENVI and the Exelis VIS suite, users can:

  • Directly access intuitive imagery analysis and processing tools
  • Quickly visualise and analyse any source of remotely sensed data – such as LiDAR, radar, optical, thermal or 3D – to access a real-world view of a situation
  • Completely automate geospatial imagery workflows in ArcGIS and other GIS platforms
  • Easily extract meaningful information from imagery – regardless of their technical ability with remote sensing technologies

Learn about the new features and functionality introduced as part of the latest ENVI 5.3 update by watching this FREE webinar hosted by Harris – the makers of ENVI.

From detecting how an area has changed over a period of time, to finding and identifying features of interest in a large-scale scene – ENVI can generate an incredibly detailed and comprehensive real-life view of a situation, in an instant.


The ENVI platform includes advanced imagery processing and analysis tools designed to help you extract meaningful information to make better decisions.

  • ENVI Services Engine – a cloud-based image analysis solution that can be deployed on almost any enterprise infrastructure, giving you streamlined access to geospatial information from desktops, mobile devices, or web applications
  • ENVI SARscape – a set of processing tools which allow you to easily read, process, and output your Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data, and transform it into meaningful, contextual information
  • ENVI modules – tools to extend the ENVI platform’s functionality so you can perform highly specialised tasks such as extracting features and correcting atmospheric conditions
 To find out more about how ENVI can deliver a powerful new perspective to your geospatial imagery, contact Esri Singapore today on 6742 8622.