ENVI and ArcGIS integration

Enhance the imagery capabilities of your GIS more than you ever thought possible by seamlessly integrating ENVI with ArcGIS.

By accessing ENVI image analysis tools directly from the ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS for Server environments you can increase your efficiency and improve your decision-making.


ENVI for ArcGIS Server

ENVI for ArcGIS Server allows you to author, publish and distribute image analysis tools and models to your entire organisation.

Advanced ENVI image analysis tools are delivered straight to the ArcGIS for Server environment, allowing enterprise users to add ENVI’s imagery analysis directly to your GIS.

You can also send results from ENVI to a geodatabase or push information from ENVI directly into ArcMap.


Tools for the ArcToolbox

ENVI tools are available directly within the ArcToolbox, so you can easily add image analysis capabilities to your new and existing GIS models and applications.

These tools deliver popular image processing and analysis functionality including:

  • Detecting change over time
  • Finding features of interest or anomalies
  • Identifying and classifying features or land cover
  • Categorising terrain
  • Correcting for atmospheric conditions
  • Detecting and mapping lines of communication
  • Analysing LiDAR data
To find out more about how ENVI can deliver a powerful new perspective to your geospatial imagery, contact Esri Singapore today on 6742 8622.

Learn about the latest capabilities introduced as part of the 5.3 update by viewing this webinar from Harris – the makers of ENVI.

ENVI Modules

Find out how you can extend your functionality to extract features, correct for atmospheric conditions and perform other highly specialised tasks.

ENVI Services Engine

Discover how this cloud-based image analysis solution can help your organisation access geospatial information from desktops, mobile devices and web applications.


Transform your SAR data into meaningful, contextual information with this unique set of processing tools.