Technical support

Tips to efficiently resolve technical incidents

In order to help you resolve technical incidents more efficiently, please follow these steps before you contact Esri Singapore’s technical support team or submit a support request form:

  1. Verify the source of the incident by confirming if it resulted from an Esri software error message. If the problem resulted from the database, hardware, or network software of another vendor, Esri Singapore will work with you, and the other vendor, to solve it.
  2. Carefully repeat the process to ensure the technical incident was not a result of a misstep or human error.
  3. Determine whether the problem occurs on one, more than one, or all your workstations/servers.
  4. Determine whether the problem is specific to one, more than one, or all of your datasets.
  5. Determine whether the problem occurs randomly or consistently. 
  6. Check any recent changes in your computing environment that could’ve potentially caused the problem. Kindly consider checking the following:
  • Version of the product, database, operating system, and network software
  • Client or server components
  • Server configuration
  • Security settings

For more information on Esri Singapore’s technical support, call us today on 6742 8622.