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Platform tips and tricks – brought to you by Esri Singapore technical support

These ArcGIS tips and tricks are designed to help GIS professionals from the government, commercial and community sector maximise the power of the platform.

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Conducting spatial analysis with ArcMap »

Spatial Analyst operations

ArcMap is the main application used in ArcGIS to perform a wide range of GIS tasks – including spatial analysis and workflow automation workflow – in an easy and quick manner via geoprocessing.

Spatial Analyst has a rich toolset you can explore and utilise for spatial analysis and modelling. In this tips and tricks you will learn how to calculate the density of features in a neighbourhood around those features.

Download this free PDF guide and learn how to calculate a magnitude per unit area from point or line features.

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Visualising and using real-time data »

Real-time data

With vast amounts of data created every second, organisations need powerful tools to harness the potential of their generated information.

The real-time capabilities of the ArcGIS platform breathe life into data – allowing organisations to capture valuable insights that enable them to unearth relationships, patterns and trends that would otherwise remain hidden.

Download this free PDF guide and learn about some of the ArcGIS applications that support real-time data visualisation.

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3D analysis with ArcGIS Pro »

3D analysis with ArcGIS Pro

Using line-of-sight analysis 3D Analyst in ArcGIS Pro can determine all areas which are visible and those which are hidden from view. This is possible by analysing sight lines – a graphic line between two points on a surface that demonstrates the point along the line where the view is obstructed.

The results are published to a web scene making it easy for all stakeholders to view exactly where visibility is obstructed without the need for high-end software or in-depth training.

This free PDF guide will show you steps on how to analyse lines of sight with ArcGIS Pro.

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Dynamic storytelling with smart mapping »

Smart Mapping

Smart mapping is a new, exciting capability which allows ArcGIS users to quickly create visually stunning maps that tell dynamic, multi-layered stories.

Available as part of ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS (included with ArcGIS for Server), smart mapping is designed to create efficiencies by offloading work from the map author to the machine.

Download our free PDF resource to learn how you can best utilise this powerful capability with the work you do.

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3D visualisation with ArcGIS API for JavaScript »

Easily change the viewport/camera in 3D map

ArcGIS API for JavaScript is designed to help users – especially those from the developer community – build the most compelling 2D and 3D web apps.

With the latest advancement of JavaSript API version 4.0, users will experience cutting-edge features and capabilities supported by an easy-to-use interface. 

Follow the steps in our free PDF guide to create customised and innovative web applications with ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

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Printing in web applications »

Printing in web applications

Learn how to generate a printable document from a web application, and share your maps and analysis with more people.

Use ArcGIS for Server’s high-quality print functionality to improve decision-making and stakeholder engagement in your organisation.

This free tips and tricks PDF provides you with a step-by-step guide, highlighting how you can make the most of the PrintingTools service. 

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Enhance your maps with ArcGIS web application templates »

web map created using ArcGIS technology

Trending topics across social media and the conversations centred around them can provide your business with valuable insights into public opinion and consumer behaviour.

You can enrich your maps with this social media content and share it with others by using an array of web application templates available via the ArcGIS platform.

Download our free PDF guide to learn how you can create web applications that will help members of your organisation better understand your dynamic business environment.

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Create mobile applications using AppStudio for ArcGIS »

ArcGIS Earth

AppStudio for ArcGIS allows you to create user-friendly mobile applications with no developer skills.

Design apps using the configurable app templates provided and publish them under your own brand in all the popular app stores.

This free PDF tutorial will guide you through some quick and simple steps – giving you the basic tools to build beautiful, easy-to-use apps.

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Collecting your assets using Collector for ArcGIS »

steps to conduct offline data collection

Collector for ArcGIS puts mapping in the hands of workers in the field – enabling them to remotely collect and update data using a tablet or smartphone.

The native application also provides offline capabilities, meaning work can be carried out, even without an internet connection.

Download our free PDF tutorial and learn how you can extend the reach of the ArcGIS platform into the field.

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Survey123 for ArcGIS – smarter forms, smarter field work »

ArcGIS Earth

Surveys are an important tool used to collect field data and uncover answers that might strategically impact your business.

In a bid to support a more intelligent end-to-end survey workflow, Survey123 for ArcGIS has been developed – allowing you to quickly create a survey, use it to collect data, and make informed decisions based on analysis.

Download our free PDF tutorial and learn how to get started with Survey123 for ArcGIS.

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Efficiently create and edit features in ArcMap »

Move the feature construction toolbar

Learn how to maximise the production capabilities of ArcMap – one of the ArcGIS platform’s most popular applications.

These simple shortcuts will help streamline your ArcMap work processes and boost your productivity – giving you more time to make effective smart maps for yourself and others.

Take advantage of these tips and tricks by downloading our free PDF, and improve your ArcGIS desktop experience with ArcMap.

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View your content using ArcGIS Earth »

ArcGIS Earth

With the newest product addition to the ArcGIS platform, anyone can view their content in 3D.

Simply drag and drop a URL, an email file, enter the URL manually, or add files from your local drive or via ArcGIS Online to view your information in a new dimension.

Learn more by downloading the latest tips and tricks PDF and take full advantage of the 3D capabilities found in ArcGIS Earth.

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License your file to protect your data »

Generate licensed file geodatabase tool

Enhance your data protection by having full control over the level of data rights you can provide to different roles.

Licensing your file geodatabase allows you to generate licences that restrict data access and the period of access granted to specific individuals.

Download the latest tips and tricks PDF and learn how to secure your file geodatabase.

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