Esri Singapore Authorised Learning Centre 

Esri Singapore’s Authorised Learning Centre provides world-leading GIS training courses which enable you to enrich your GIS knowledge and maximise your organisation’s software ROI.

We offer more than 20 scheduled GIS training courses – which are facilitated by Esri Certified Trainers and industry experts – that cover all aspects of the Esri product suite.

In addition to our scheduled courses, Esri Singapore offers a range of other training services, including:


Customised courses

Individually tailored training courses designed to cater to a user or an industry’s specific needs.


Onsite training

Held at an organisation’s own offices or at our training facilities, onsite training includes both standard and tailored courses.


Post-training tutorial

Going beyond the standard courses, Esri Singapore’s trainers will help ensure users are able to execute practical applications of what has been taught in the course.


Whether you’re a seasoned spatial professional or new to GIS, Esri Singapore’s Authorised Learning Centre will help you acquire new practical skills and hone your GIS capabilities. 

To learn more about our GIS training courses – call Esri Singapore today on 6742 8622.


GIS a big deal for Big Data

GIS a big deal for Big Data

Cutting-edge data mapping technology is the lifeline that will save the financial services sector from drowning in the abyss that is Big Data, according to a leading financial specialist.