About Esri Singapore

Our relationship with Esri

Esri Singapore is part of a global community of GIS professionals, who collectively believe geography provides the answers for a more resilient and sustainable future.

Together with Esri, we are united in our commitment to create responsible solutions to real-world problems.

The relationship between Esri Singapore and Esri is a true partnership, where each party makes a valuable – but individual – contribution.

As the technology developer, Esri is focused on growing and evolving the ArcGIS platform through their extensive R&D program.

Conversely, we serve as your advocate – representing the local ArcGIS user community. We actively educate Esri on the requirements and priorities of the region; while ensuring Singapore’s ArcGIS users receive high-quality service and support.

The local market insights we share with Esri enable them to accurately shape the development of the ArcGIS platform – with our region’s specific needs considered.

Esri’s commitment to the region is further shown in its preparedness to invest significant time and resources to work side-by-side with the Esri Singapore team; and this country’s most progressive organisations.

This, coupled with our own local user engagement program, ensures users can connect with global Esri subject matter experts, product engineers and – most importantly – each other.