The public safety technology helping build safer communities

A combination of evolving terrorist threats and extreme weather events has created a need for smarter, more responsive public safety technology.

Advanced location-based analytics provides your agency with the tools to accurately analyse collected data and identify past patterns that will help safeguard citizens in the future.

Use the technology to:

  • Improve your overall real-time situational awareness
  • Collaborate with other government agencies
  • Build preparedness to quickly respond to emergency situations
  • Predict emerging threats
  • Execute modern defence, public safety, homeland and national security strategies
  • Deploy staff and resources with precision
  • Provide important public announcements

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Smart communities

How to build safer communities

Download this authoritative white paper to learn more about the advanced location-based analytics technology and smarter workflows driving safe communities of the future.

Mitigate homeland security threats with location-based analytics, says global expert

Mitigate homeland security threats with location-based analytics, says global expert

Singapore’s national security threats can be significantly mitigated by using big data and location-based analytics, according to a renowned homeland security expert.

Mitigating disease outbreaks

Mitigating disease outbreaks

With Zika virus recently declared as a ‘public health emergency’ by the World Health Organisation (WHO), learn how government authorities are using location-based analytics to address medical emergenices in the most effective way possible.

Find out how multiple US emergency management agencies worked together to eliminate the challenges associated with sharing critical information during disasters.

How to maximise safety at major public events

How to maximise safety at major public events

Using the SEA Games as a best practice example, discover how digital maps and a common operating picture can enable you to more efficiently respond to major incidents at public events.

See how the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services is changing the way they work by digitising their mapping collateral to coordinate large-scale emergency response in real-time.