Given recent news about the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Esri's Chief Medical Officer — Dr Este Geraghty — shares data, information, and applications to help individuals, organisations, and communities be better prepared during this public health emergency.

Geography and location analysis have a crucial role in better understanding this evolving epidemic. You’ve probably seen the dashboards built by the World Health Organization and Johns Hopkins University, among others, that have not only educated the world about the spread of the virus, but informed critical actions – like travel bans and quarantine measures. These have been indispensable sources of information, but we need to know more to best protect and recover our communities.

Johns Hopkins University Dashboard

Esri wants to help support Singapore's organisations' efforts when it comes to coronavirus planning and response. We've been working with many partners from across the world to make easily accessible the best information to utilise within your own urgent initiatives.

As a result, the Coronavirus ArcGIS Hub site houses many global and regional applications being built around the world by our trusted partners. It includes relevant data resources that can be used to develop dashboards and web maps and apps.

COVID-19 GIS Hub landing page

Looking to create your own response site to provide actionable information to your community? One resource available on the Hub is the Coronavirus Response Template, accessible to all ArcGIS Online customers. 

The template allows your organisation to rapidly build a website to share resources, maps and information regarding COVID-19. Follow the How-to Guide to configure the template for your local community or region.

The Hub will continue to be updated with new data and resources as they become available – in an effort to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information – allowing evidence-based decision making and enabling effective communication with stakeholders, both accurately and quickly.

Our team is here to help you and your organisation. If you would like support from one of our technical health experts – on responding to, understanding or sharing information about COVID-19 – call 6742 8622 or email to contact a specialist.

About the Author

Dr Este Geraghty
Dr. Este Geraghty
Chief Medical Officer and Health Solutions Director
Esri, US
Dr. Este Geraghty is the Chief Medical Officer and Health Solutions Director at Esri, leading the health and human services sector in the widespread application of GIS.

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