High-quality data is essential to ensuring you're making the most of your GIS investment, and will help to strengthen your organisation's internal data analysis capabilities.

Web map services

Esri Singapore’s base map web service provides you with an accurate, high-quality digital base map of Singapore.

The base map draws on the most authoritative data from the Singapore Land Authority – and serves as a professional foundation from which to deliver intuitive online maps and applications.

Compatible with all ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS for Server and ArcGIS Mobile products, the base map contains detailed cartographic information including cadastral boundaries and address points – making it a reliable reference tool.

Geocoding services

Esri Singapore’s geocoding web service translates written addresses into mappable locations – so users can visualise how street addresses, postcodes and other relevant data are distributed over a geographic area.

Our web service accurately geocodes addresses contained in spreadsheets or databases, and transfers them onto a map – either as points or density clusters – for visualisation and analysis.

We can also undertake reverse geocoding – to convert points displayed on a map into written information in a spreadsheet.

Singapore map data - premium package

Esri Singapore’s premium map data package enables organisations to establish an enterprise GIS environment that’s loaded with rich, authoritative datasets from Singapore Land Authority.

Drawing on the powerful capabilities of the ArcGIS platform, the premium map data package enables users to:

  • Create professional-quality maps
  • Ensure their maps and analysis are accurate

Ultimately, users can confidently make consistent and objective decisions that are driven by the most up-to-date and accurate Singapore map data.  

Esri Singapore’s premium map data package must be bundled with the purchase of any core ArcGIS Desktop or Server software products.

To find out which GIS datasets will offer the most to your organisation, email us or call 6742 8622.

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