Esri Singapore's GeoBusiness Solutions is a suite of services that will optimise and enhance your CAD for greater productivity and efficiency.

Our service team provides consultations to evaluate and understand your CAD-related business operations, and will recommend a personalised solution best suited for them.

This combination of services includes:

Realise data potential icon

Converting your CAD drawings into digital formats with known geographic coordinates registered in them

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Isolating and extracting CAD layers into streamlined and standardised standalone files

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Creating an online geodatabase to store, catalogue, and access all converted CAD drawings

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Conducting training on the management of the geodatabase

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Identifying and defining key features, layers, and data attributes which will support your existing work processes

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Developing standardised QA/QC methods and tools for your CAD submissions

In doing so, GeoBusiness Solutions hopes to remove common challenges in managing a growing database of CAD drawings, like:

Unstructured and unstandardised CAD data archives that are difficult to retrieve and interpret for effective operational use

Unaligned links between related CAD drawings due to inconsistent formatting

Inability to plan for materials and resources due to missing height and elevation data in CAD drawings

Missing engineering assets due to incorrect retrieval of CAD drawings or a misinterpretation of CAD features

To learn more about Esri Singapore's GeoBusiness Solutions, please email or call 6742 8622.

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