Strengthen business continuity and community resilience with maps, data and apps

To help organisations adapt to the challenges of COVID-19, Esri has created a targeted and rapidly deployable geo-analysis solution to strengthen business continuity. Make informed decisions on safe and effective workforce and facility management by:

Enhancing operational awareness

Map your facility operations to understand the impact of government restrictions, internal policies and the transmission of COVID-19 in your local community. Assess employee wellbeing with quick and accessible mobile surveys.

Sharing authoritative information in real-time

Ensure continuity of business operations by communicating across all channels and in real-time the status of facilities, employee availability and wellbeing.

Tracking crowd density

Help curb COVID-19 transmission by deploying maps and intuitive apps that track crowd density in your local park, district or country. For example, National Parks can limit the spread of the virus by helping visitors to avoid high traffic areas.

For more information about how GIS technology can assist with your organisation’s COVID-19 response, call 6742 8622 or email to contact a specialist.

5 steps to COVID-19 response for businesses

As communities and businesses seek to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can take these five proactive steps to create an instant picture of your organisation's risk areas and operational capacity to strengthen business continuity.

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Assess your facilities

Map your facilities and understand how their operating status is affected by internal policies, government restrictions, and the spread of COVID-19.

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Maintain employee status

Check employee availability and well-being with quick mobile surveys that can be completed on any device.

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Map the cases

Map confirmed and active cases to identify where COVID-19 infections exist.

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Map the spread

Discover patterns with time-enabled maps to reveal how infections spread over time and where you may have a greater risk of exposure.

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Communicate business status

Leverage interactive web maps, intuitive dashboard apps, and story maps to rapidly communicate your situation to all stakeholders.

Resources for COVID-19 recovery and resilience

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