Eliminating the paper trail

In the wake of a growing global population and rapid urbanisation, the production of municipal waste has consequently increased.

But responding to these mounting demands is a very real challenge, which become significantly stalled because of a lack of quality data.

This was the case for E-Idaman, which covers the waste management concession for the Malaysian states of Perlis and Kedah – they consist of 13 local authorities and more than 300,000 premises.

Its traditional and manual methods not only meant extensive manhours coupled with outdated and inaccurate data, but tremendous amounts of paper wasted too.

But with its launch of GIS-powered platforms, E-Idaman consolidated and integrated all related data, converting hardcopy to digital. This resulted in a marked improvement in time management, cost savings and lesser human error in its operations.

Learn just how these award-winning solutions helped turn its workflows completely paperless, reducing processing time from several months to mere minutes – download the case study now.

Download the case study

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