Inside the world’s largest and most complex GIS project

State-owned Australian electricity company Energy Queensland (EQ) is responsible for servicing 2.3 million customers across 1.7 million-square-kilometres.

Galvanised by an ambitious goal to integrate disparate legacy systems and a vast network of electrical information into a single GIS solution, EQ embarked on a first-of-its-kind digital transformation using the ArcGIS Utility Network Model.

This drastic overhaul of EQ’s asset management workflows would see the organisation benefit from improved maintenance response times, data visibility, and information sharing across teams.

By bringing the operations together on a single, integrated, GIS platform, the entire workforce – from executive decision-makers to rural field workers – are equipped to proactively mitigate and rapidly respond to network issues as they arise.

“A Unified GIS has fundamentally transformed our business — ensuring objectives, insights and efforts are aligned across the enterprise,” – Shannon Connolly GIS Delivery Executive, Energy Queensland.

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