Esri Singapore partners with organisations to grow business opportunities by developing solutions and services that help users address a myriad of business challenges.

Working with partners, we do our utmost to deliver better location-based analytics solutions to our clients and provide users with a wide range of technology options.

As an Esri Singapore partner, organisations are able to:

Work with Esri Singapore’s team of specialists to jointly collaborate, develop, and plan winning go-to-market solutions

Deliver new value to more markets and industries, thereby expanding your user base

Explore new markets with Esri's global and local customer network

Expand commercial or brand exposure through co-marketing engagements.

Learn more about our authorised partners below. To find out about Esri Singapore's partner program, email us, call 6742 8622 or complete this form.

Alliance partners

Esri Singapore’s Alliance Partners are major business leaders that develop technology which complements the Esri ArcGIS platform.

We work with alliance partners to deliver better location-based analytic solutions to our clients and provide users with a wide range of technology options.

Our Joint-Solution Partners

Advancer Global Limited

Advancer Global is the smart living solutions partner of choice. We are dedicated to providing our holistic suite of services, through the integrated solutions across our business divisions, to our diverse customer base.

Advancer Global Limited and together with its subsidiaries (“Advancer Global” or the “Group”), is an established and integrated workforce solutions and services provider in Singapore. The Group operates through two main business divisions: (i) Employment Services, and (ii) Facilities Management Services, to provide a holistic suite of solutions and services to its diverse base of customers.

Advancer Global was listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited on 11 July 2016 under the stock code 43Q.

To learn more about Advancer Global Limited visit

Advancer Global logo

Aviation Virtual

AVPL is empowering companies with VR solutions by deep diving with them to identify their needs and pain-points and then implementing the appropriate VR solutions to expand their operating “bandwidths.” AVPL’s unique VR solutions approach and excellent relationships with thought leaders have earned it credibility and a position where it can capitalize on its access to top public officials and corporate C-suite management to offer the solutions.

To learn more about Aviation Virtual visit

Aviation Virtual logo

ICS Multimedia

ICS is an Australian software development company with sales in Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.  ICS has offices in Singapore and Australia.

The company’s three main products are Lands-Tracker™, Grants-Tracker™ and Visit-Tracker™ - all products are advanced web-based systems which combine geographical/spatial information sets with relational databases, where required.

ICS is now developing for the next generation of “smart” systems and technology, such as Augmented and Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) and IoT. All this data gathered, can be automatically input into the ICS platform for use by data analytics, producing maps, dashboards, create alerts, enable workflows, etc.

To learn more about ICS Multimedia visit

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iZeeM is a solution provider and system integrator for intelligent business resource optimisation within a M-IOT ecosystem. Our solutions are designed to empower businesses with the ability to maximise resource utilisation, enhance operational processes and provide data visibility to make faster and better decisions to optimise, scale and stay relevant.

Together with our strategic partners, we aim to continuously innovate and seek ways to transform and improve the movement of people and assets with advancing technology.

To learn more about iZeeM visit

iZeeM logo

Team One Technologies Pte Ltd

Team One Technologies Pte Ltd is an established leader in hardware development providing customized solutions for Singapore and overseas clients. Incorporated in 1995, they have achieved a proven track record in developing and delivering military sub-systems, solidifying their position as the premier development arm for reliable, rugged SOTA hardware.

Today, Team One Technologies extends a wide-range of technical services, above and beyond feasibility studies, circuit design, and prototyping and software/firmware development. With their affinity for technology and understanding of market trends, they invest in and apply new technology to provide businesses with insights and solutions, unlocking greater value for their clients with end to end vertical integration.

To learn more about Team One Technologies Pte Ltd visit

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