Streamline geospatial data updates with automated, repeatable workflows

Discover how to transform common business processes and improve visibility across your organisation with powerful automation tools in ArcGIS Workflow Manager.

In this session, you’ll learn about common use cases where ArcGIS Workforce Manager can be applied to standardise workflows, making them predictable and repeatable.

Watch how scalable geoprocessing tools, scripts and maps enable automation and scheduling of repeatable GIS and non-GIS operations to streamline production processes.

Webinar recording

Why attend?

  • Explore components of ArcGIS Workflow Manager.
  • Learn how to build and manage repeatable workflows.
  • Watch automation tools and geoprocessing scripts in action.
  • Gain practical experience to workflow configuration.


Shin Huoy
Terh Shin Huoy 
Solution Consultant, Built Environment
Esri Singapore, Singapore
Built environment solution consultant
Conete Cristaian
Cristian Conete
Manager, Built Environment & Transport Solutions
Esri Singapore
An early adopter, GIS advocate and solution developer.

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