A 3D approach to city planning

GIS technology has evolved beyond 2D maps and apps into the 3D space, bringing a new perspective to data visualisation.

By enabling the creation of immersive, realistic 3D environments, the technology has become foundational in supporting realistic digital twins and Augmented Reality.

Explore how 3D capabilities complement 2D data visualisation to deliver an intuitive orientation and comprehensive understanding of the real world to support public sector decision making around the built environment and transport.


  • Discover endless possibilities of extending 2D maps with 3D capabilities
  • Explore how visualising data in 3D transforms the way you analyse and interpret results
  • Learn how to represent data in 3D to better inform planning and operations
  • Discover emerging patterns enhancing the 3D experience


Sharon Gin
Sharon Gin
Senior Manager, Solution Consulting
Esri Singapore
Developing the geospatial landscape in utilities and the built environment.

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