Add location to design for optimised projects.

The transformation of common AEC workflows with spatial technology is enabling global construction firms to increasingly deliver projects on time and within budget.

Geo-located data capture workflows inform accurate, near-real-time project visualisations and enable remote project monitoring.  In tandem, project managers are leveraging mobile mapping apps to enable field crews to navigate to where they need to be while ensuring their safety with live location tracking.

Join the webinar to explore the fundamental GIS capabilities adding context to built environment projects and increasing end-to-end collaboration and communication throughout project lifecycles.


Webinar recording

Why attend?

  • Find out how to streamline data workflows.
  • Discover the field apps best suited for AEC projects.
  • Learn to combine multiple geo-data streams into one central database.
  • Improve communication with ArcGIS Dashboards.


Lau Kai Ying
Lau Kai Ying
Solution Consultant, Built Environment
Esri Singapore
Creating data-driven solutions for the built environment
Shin Huoy
Terh Shin Huoy 
Solution Consultant, Built Environment
Esri Singapore, Singapore
Built environment solution consultant

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