Devise and plan a smart city ecosystem driven by smarter decision-making. Leverage location-based analytics to connect people with information and technology, and help them improve their quality of life and make better choices.

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One platform for smart cities

The Esri Geographic Information System (GIS) platform provides local governments with the tools to develop smarter cities and deliver better services to the community.

As a collaborative platform, it enables government agencies to share spatial data to break through traditional data silos and build a more transparent organisation.

The Esri platform can be scaled to provide the tools for enterprise-wide data-driven decision making that improves management efficiency. Its mobility capabilities allow staff to access data any time, on any device, from anywhere to ensure enterprise data is always accurate and up-to-date.

With empowered collaboration and timely information sharing, your city can deliver smarter end-to-end solutions that create a more inclusive, sustainable and prosperous place to live.

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