IDL is the trusted scientific programming language that lets you extract useful visualisations from complex numerical data. Use IDL to interpret data, expedite discoveries and deliver powerful applications to users.

IDL capabilities

IDL assists with complicated modelling tasks, from examining scans of the human heart to looking at weather patterns such as Antarctic ice flow.

The Language

Go from data to discovery with the programming language that's easy to learn, easy to use and requires fewer lines of code than other programming languages.


With its intuitive syntax, the IDL graphics system creates high-quality graphic visualisations to help interpret and share your data.

Development Environment

The IDL development environment provides an intuitive, up-to-date code interface that lets you quickly create programs and build applications.

IDL modules

Use IDL modules (Math & Stats, Dataminer, Virtual Machine and DICOM) to perform highly specialised tasks that call for advanced image analysis tools.

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