How investigators reveal critical new insights

In Mapping Evil, Mike King joins award-winning journalist Tory Shepherd to take you deep inside the rapidly evolving world of criminal profiling. For 40 years, Mike has worked with law enforcement around the world, consulting on public safety strategy for large-scale events including SuperBowls, marathons, G20s, and the Olympics. Explore some of the world's most chilling investigations and learn how understanding the geography of crimes, predators and victims can shed new light on unsolved cases.

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About the hosts

Mike King
Mike King
Director - Esri, Chief (ret.)
Former criminal investigator, global public safety expert and one of the world's leading advocates of GIS technology for law enforcement.
Tory Shepherd
Tory Shepherd
Award-winning Australian journalist & true crime enthusiast
Tory Shepherd is an award-winning journalist and true crime enthusiast.

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