The collaboration between Esri Singapore and Qlik will educate industries on the benefits of synergising geographic and spatial analytics.

Qlik, a leader in visual analytics, today announced its technology partnership with Esri Singapore, the country’s leading Geographic Information System (GIS) technology provider. The collaboration will see Esri Singapore and Qlik working together to educate industries on the benefits of synergising geographic and spatial analytics.

Smart mapping: making intelligent decisions with geographic information

Esri’s ArcGIS Online is a collaborative, cloud-based technology platform that allows users to easily create, share and access content rich maps, applications and data. The technology collects location information contained within an organisation’s data and translates static data into useful, intelligent maps.

Different locations have unique characteristics, and organisations need to identify, qualify and understand the connections between people, places and events. When mapping analytics is combined with a powerful visual analytics platform, organisations can add a new dimension to the practice of analysing information by translating complex data sets into the universal language of smart maps.

Additionally, by integrating location information with data in real-time, businesses can unearth relationships, patterns and trends that would otherwise remain hidden.

Esri’s ArcGIS Online maps are compatible with both QlikView and Qlik Sense. The Qlik Sense extension is available on Qlik Branch – a collaborative work space and open exchange that provides customers, developers and partners simplified access to the open and powerful APIs of Qlik solutions.

“More than 80 per cent of our business data is location related. From understanding your customer information and their behaviours to managing chronic illness, pandemic patterns, and even business impact due to accessibility of transport networks – location essentially links different sets of data together to provide executives with better information," said Esri Singapore Chief Executive Officer Thomas Pramotedham.

"Through our partnership with Qlik, we aim to help organisations understand the value of letting users see their data in new and provoking ways, allowing them to develop actionable plans to address real-world challenges."

CK Tan, product marketing, Qlik Asia Pacific added; “From retail sales performance to urban planning, being able to seamlessly merge intelligent mapping with visual analytics is critical to making smart, data-driven decisions. Qlik is proud to partner with Esri Singapore to promote the benefits of combining mapping technology and visual analytics for organisations to drive better decision-making. We look forward to pursuing more innovative projects together in the future.” 

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