Researchers from a Baltimore-based university have used cutting-edge technology to provide the public with a real-time, digital map to monitor the lethal Coronavirus as it spreads from China across the globe.

Created by a team at Johns Hopkins University, the map visualizes various global data sources on an interactive dashboard map built on Esri's world-leading mapping software – the same technology used by Australia's leading government agencies and the Department of Defence.

The map aims to provide the general public with a single source of truth by collaborating outbreak data from the World Health Organisation, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, and, China's CDC and Dingxiangyuan.

In real-time, users can see all confirmed cases of the virus, as well as the number of suspected cases, causalities and full recoveries – with information attributed to each case represented by a red dot on the map, with dot size corresponding to the relative size of the outbreak.

Providing a common operating picture for federal health agencies, the map reveals the most up to date analytics on the speed at which the virus has spread from mainland China to other locations across the globe – including Australia, now home to five confirmed cases.

Access the map here or visit our health resources page to learn more about the technology underpinning it.

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