For the first time, nationwide 3D geospatial data is being made available for testing innovative solutions.

The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) announced the launch of 3D Singapore Sandbox, a first-of-its-kind collaborative environment for technology industry partners and developers. This initiative aims to encourage the use of 3D city models and geospatial data to develop and test new applications and services that can benefit both the public and private sectors.

The 3D Singapore Sandbox is open to industry partners who wish to leverage on 3D geospatial data to support better decision-making, and develop smart solutions to drive operational efficiencies and value for business end-users.

“We believe the global geospatial industry is set to undergo a major transformation from 2D to 3D in the coming years. By making available 3D city models that we have built, as well as other geospatial data through the Sandbox, we hope innovators, entrepreneurs, industry partners and the technology community can develop and test new services and solutions that will add to Singapore’s effort in becoming a smart city,” said SLA GeoSpatial & Data Director and Chief Data Officer, Mr Ng Siau Yong.

The Sandbox will provide users with access to SLA’s 3D geospatial data including 3D models of over 160,000 buildings mapped nationwide. Users will also have access to geospatial solutions provided by established industry partners like Esri Singapore and Autodesk

As a long-time partner, Esri Singapore is proud to be part of this ongoing collaboration to drive geospatial innovation through the offering of an open and interoperable platform within the 3D Singapore Sandbox. We hope to continue making progress through this enduring partnership towards building geospatial competencies for Singapore's future.

Thomas Pramotedham
Esri Singapore CEO

Businesses in the architecture, real estate, construction, and logistics industries are identified as potential first movers. They are encouraged to leverage on the Sandbox to collaborate with industry partners to co-create and develop innovative solutions to enhance their business operations and processes. 

Demonstrating the capabilities of Esri's tools in the 3D Singapore Sandbox


For example, real estate developers could use the Sandbox’s 3D geospatial data, models, and tools to visualise how their new building construction would synergise with the surrounding urban environment to improve overall liveability for the neighbourhood

The Sandbox is located at GeoWorks, the geospatial industry centre first set up by the SLA in 2018 to promote business growth, drive innovation and foster a well-connected community of geospatial firms.

GeoWorks currently hosts 42 companies, otherwise known as GeoMembers, which consist of a combination of geospatial scale-ups and large established geospatial organisations. These GeoMembers come together to share and build expertise, network access, and business opportunities for the whole geospatial industry.

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