Karen Weiss

Senior Industry Strategy Manager

Karen is bringing transformational technologies into civil infrastructure workflows to help improve infrastructure planning, design, building and management.

With a background as a civil engineer in the public sector, Karen steers the development of Autodesk’s long-term strategies that bring new and transformational technologies into civil infrastructure workflows. Her work focuses on helping government agencies use data and technology to improve the way they plan, design, build and manage infrastructure assets. A registered professional engineer, Karen also drives the building of new partnerships and business development opportunities.

See Karen Weiss present at the Esri Singapore User Conference 2019:

Inside-out: The new BIM-GIS capabilities powering AEC workflows

The integration of BIM and GIS is driving the move towards more fully digitised workflows — and new ways for integrating are enabling AEC professionals to break down departmental silos.

With more connected workflows, teams can solve problems — even those that extend ‘outside’ the building — and deliver better results with minimal negative impact.

This session explores use cases where professionals working on infrastructure projects are using new Autodesk software capabilities to establish a tighter connection to GIS-powered workflows, reduce risk, data loss and cycle times.

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