Peter Chambers

Group Head of Asset Care
Dublin Airport Authority (DAA)

Peter Chambers is the Group Head of Asset Care at Dublin International Airport managing assets across Ireland’s busiest airport.

In addition to the ISO 50001 Energy Standard, Peter has led Dublin International Airport to become the first in the world to receive the ISO 55001 Standard for Asset Management. He has also significantly contributed to the opening of the new Terminal 2.

His career spans 12 years in mining operations management with British Coal, England; six years in whiskey operations in central Scotland; and, 10 years as Manufacturing Director for beverage maker, C&C Group Ireland.

He holds a BSc in Mining Engineering from the University of Nottingham and an Executive MBA from Sheffield University.

See Peter Chambers present at the Esri Singapore User Conference 2019:

Going Digital at Dublin Airport

When Dublin Airport Authority (daa) opened a new terminal in 2010, it replaced its reactive asset management approach with a more structured philosophy that included asset performance, lifecycle analysis and asset information management — including geospatial relevance, compliance and risk management.

This culminated in Dublin Airport being the first airport in the world to achieve ISO 55001 certification in April 2015. Today, to sustain its 9% annual growth rate -- averaged over the last five years -- daa has had to adopt and leverage technology to work smarter and more effectively. This session will explore the adoption of GIS, BIM and mobile technologies, how to unlock data for smarter asset management and delve into digital information asset management strategies.

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