Portal for ArcGIS: User Workflows

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What is this course about?

Portal for ArcGIS provides all the productivity and collaboration benefits of a Web GIS, while meeting an organisation's requirement for an on premises or private cloud infrastructure. This course prepares GIS professionals to efficiently work with content on their organisation's portal to support data production and dissemination. Through realistic scenarios and hands-on exercises, learners will master the essentials of discovering, using, making, and sharing web maps, apps, and other geospatial content.

In this course, students will receive an introduction to the capabilities of Portal for ArcGIS as a Web GIS solution specific to the user role. Students will learn to discover and use existing content to create web maps, web applications, create groups and share finished products.

This Esri Singapore training course is designed for individuals who do not have prior GIS education or workplace experience.

Course details


960.00 SGD




2 days




Foundation Course

Are there any prerequisites?

Completion of ArcGIS I: Introduction to GIS, or equivalent knowledge, is required.

What skills will I learn?

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Find and access content
  • Create and share web maps
  • Create web applications using Configurable Apps and Web AppBuilder
  • Use maps and applications to access, modify, and create information

What can I expect?

  • Course topics

    Introduction to Portal for ArcGIS

    • Portal information model
    • Portal access and privileges
    • Different types of content
    • Enabling Web GIS in your infrastructure
    • Discover geospatial content resources within your organisation

    Customised web maps

    • Basemaps and operational layers
    • Different types of layers
    • Editable layers
    • Create web maps and quickly configure them to meet your customers' needs.
    • Disseminate GIS data through web map presentations, configured apps, story maps, and 3D web scenes

    Configurable app templates

    • Adding layers from files
    • Feature collections

    Web AppBuilder

    • Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
    • Geoprocessing services

    Web scenes

    • What is a web scene?

    Portal for ArcGIS content in ArcMap

    • Manage connections
    • Sign in to Portal for ArcGIS
    • Discover Portal for ArcGIS content
    • Create groups for sharing GIS information with coworkers
    • Consume your organisation's portal content in ArcMap and share it out in other formats

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