Powerful analytics and insights can be shared organisation-wide with GSF, which scales up or down to meet demands and is Cloud and data agnostic, easily installed within existing infrastructure to take advantage of current asset investments.

Geospatial Services Framework

GSF is deployed in the enterprise and allows powerful analytics and insights to be shared organisation-wide.

Tools to get started

GSF provides the fundamental tools to get up and running, plus the capability to replace components or extend functionality.

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Request handler

Implements REST-based API which provides HTTP endpoints for initiating jobs, retrieving status and accessing resources.

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Parameter mapper

Maps resources and translates input and output values to appropriate representations such as Amazon S3, GeoServer WCS and ENVI data sources.

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Wrap whatever API the engine provides by implementing a JavaScript module that defines tasks and maps them to engine execution.

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Route mapper

Allows queues to be defined for specific tasks, jobs and workflows like a high performance route for GPU enabled processing.

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Workspace manager

Creates and maintains all workspace files for each job which can be distributed across local, shared and Cloud-enabled workspaces.

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Job manager

Each job references task(s) with required parameters; job manager submits jobs for processing. Can be updated to use your job manager.

To find out how your organisation can effectively leverage a Geospatial Services Framework, call an imagery specialist on 6742 8622 or send us an email.

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